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Zyzz Diet and Workout Routine

The Zyzz diet was an exclusive one since he believed in eating everything that gave him natural macronutrients. Zyzz was fortunate enough to have a metabolism that could burn anything he ate resulting in no accumulation of fat forms in his body.

Moreover, he avoided junk food and processed food like soft drinks, sweets and sugar. Zyzz advocated staying hydrated all the time by drinking water and green tea. Stay connected to read in-depth about Zyzz diet and Zyzz workout routine.

Who is Zyzz?

Born in Russia, Zyzz (Aziz Shavershian) was a fitness trainer and fitness model known internationally as an “aesthetic icon”. Everyone desires to sculpt physiques and possess an attitude like that of him. In no time he became an internet sensation only to gain popularity for himself in very less time.

He also made a mark when his name the “Zyzz” became published in the Urban Dictionary as the “epitome of aesthetics”.

  • Nationality: Russian
  • Profession: Celebrity, Personal Trainer and Model
  • Date-Of-Birth: 24 March 1989

Zyzz has discussed his diet and workout routine in several interviews, Instagram chats, and other social media platforms like youtube.

Zyzz was an inspiration to the younger generation all over the world with his sensational personality and motivational achievements.

The news of his death came as a shock to all in 2011 when he was only 22 years old. He was not only a fitness model or trainer but also a successful entrepreneur. He has also established his own protein brand company.

Zyzz Body Measurements

Zyzz Workout Routine

Zyzz Weight was 205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg). His Height in Feet was 6 ft 1 inch.

  • Height —‎ 6’1″ (185.5cm)
  • Weight —‎ ‎205 – 215lbs (88.5 – 93.0kg)

If you are craving a physique like that of Zyzz, you need to focus on your diet and workout. He followed his diet and workout very strictly.

Zyzz claimed a large fan following in a very short span of time with his energetic Youtube videos and his charismatic persona. His well-sculpted massive physique and different lifestyle have been trending in many discussion and bodybuilding forums.

Zyzz, being a “skinny kid” in school, got inspired by his brother on bodybuilding, since then it was not looked back for him. He reached his goal of having a muscular physique with hard work and sheer dedication.

In his videos, he’d talk about his ectomorph body type. He said that “I had absolutely no idea about anything gym-related, and it took months and months of research to know exactly what to do and how to go about my training and eating.”

Zyzz Diet

Zyzz Diet

Diet is the most important factor when it comes to bodybuilding. Our body health depends on the type of diet we provide to our body like you need to take care of calories in the diet and many factors like, what should we eat….how should you balance your meal. You must need to know that eating and sleeping are the two important factors in muscle building.

Zyzz always took a simple diet but made sure he had enough macros like protein, fats, and carbs in each meal. His diet was that he focuses on making sure that he would eat everything that perfectly matches what his body needs to take.

One thing that he was fortunate about, was his fast-acting metabolism kept him lean all time. He also took a cutting diet sometimes, where he focused on calories.

  • Meal 1 – 6 boiled Eggs, 2 cups of Oatmeal and a Protein Shake
  • Meal 2 – 300g Chicken Breast (boiled) Broccoli and Brown Rice
  • Meal 3 – 200g Tuna chunks in spring water, mixed with Spinach Leaves, and Wholemeal Pasta
  • Meal 4 – Stir-fry Beef/Kangaroo Mince with some vegetables
  • Meal 5 – Steak or Kangaroo and Brussels Sprouts
  • Meal 6 – 4 scrambled Eggs and some Salmon
  • Meal 7 – One cup of no-fat Cottage Cheese 10m before bed

Diet Rules

  • No fast food.
  • No soft drinks
  • No sweets or sugar
  • The only fluid you shall drink is water and green tea


  • Hydrolyzed whey protein
  • Fish oil caps (6 a day)
  • Multivitamin
  • BCAA’s
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C
  • Green Tea
  • Pre workout energy
  • Fat burners

Zyzz was a  strict follower of his regular diet and he never ignored his diet plan only at times when he included cheat meals occasionally.

He always avoided junk food and processed food. If we see the Zyzz diet then it is similar to other bodybuilders in the industry.

He focused on healthy food like lean meat and lots of vegetables including fat in meals which are always avoided by other bodybuilders.

We present you with Zyzz’s meal plan and what he ate in a single day. You can follow it by adjusting it according to your weight.

He almost ate 7 meals of the day that kept him energetic and fresh all day. Also, He got all the macros from his meal plan. He took supplements that are mentioned above. His diet is about 3800 calories and 400gm protein.

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Zyzz Workout Routine

Before starting the workout plan or training routine, make sure you stay hydrated during workouts by drinking water or energy drinks. And don’t forget to warm up before exercising and make sure to cool down later by stretching your muscles out, since It shall help you to do the injury-free workout.

Zyzz believed that if he could do more reps than his standard 8 or 10 he would push through and keep going. For him, Gym was an epic event.

Zyzz was extremely devoted to his gym. He had built it up for hours and days in his mind, in  words, he’d create the “mind-pump.”  When he entered the gym he saw it as an opportunity while others were busy chatting and resting between every exercise. He did his workout with an intensive mind and focused ideals.

Zyzz Favorite Exercises

  1. Deadlifts
  2. Lateral Raises
  3. Incline Dumbell Chest Press

Monday: Chest/Biceps

  • 4 sets & 8-10 reps — Incline Dumbbell Press
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Bench Press
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Incline Flies
  • 3 sets & upto failure — Chest Dips
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Barbell Curls
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Preacher Curls

Tuesday: Legs/Calves

  • 4 sets & 8-10 reps — Squats
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Lunges
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Leg Press
  • 3 sets & upto failure — Leg Extensions
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Leg Curls

Wednesday: Back

  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Lat Pulldowns
  • 4 sets & 8-10 reps — Deadlifts
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Bent Over Rows
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Dumbell Rows
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Hyperextensions

Thursday: Shoulders/Triceps

  • 4 sets & 8-10 reps — Shoulder Press, alternate with Barbell & Dumbell
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Upright Rows super-set with Lateral Raises
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Front raises
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Lying Rear Delt Raises
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Close-Grip Bench Press
  • 4 sets & 8-10 reps — Pulldowns
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Skullcrushers

Saturday: Full Body Workout

  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Deadlifts
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Squats
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Clean and Jerk
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps — Weighted Pullups

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The diet plan which he maintained as his routine was very simple and beneficial for his body structure, following which you will definitely retain the right amount of calories and all macronutrients for your body.

Zyzz Diet and Workout Plan is not only motivational but inspiration as well for all you fitness lovers out there who are planning to achieve a charismatic physique like that of Zyzz. He miraculously made it big and loud for himself in a very short life span.

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