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Nimai Delgado Diet and Workout

The Nimai Delgado diet is full vegetarian means vegan. He often takes eggs and cheese dairy products giving by animals. He said once that my diet is 95% vegan. Since his childhood he wanted to be fit in life. He has never eaten meat in his life. Nimai has conclusively proven these, He living and taking a diet without any animal product now. Here is the sample of Nimai Delgado and Nimai Delgado workout.

Who is Nimai Delgado?

Nimai Delgado is an American professional bodybuilder and vegan athlete. He was born in United States America. He has been a vegetarian his whole life. From 2015, He makes himself 100% vegetarian. It’s very difficult to take our body as it is without some heavy meals but Nimai proves that we can do it with vegan. He is now taking a plant-based diet.

  • Nationality : American
  • Profession : Professional Bodybuilder, Mechanical Engineer, Men’s Physique IFBB Pro and Fitness Coach
  • Date-Of-Birth : July 21, 1989
  • Age (2020) : 29 years

Nimai tell about his diet and workout via many interviews, Instagram chats and other social media platform like youtube. He was born in South Mississippi and raised by Hindu parents. Since his childhood, he wanted to become fit and very active in sports activities. Then his fitness empire started and start to become a fit and healthy life.

Nimai Delgado Body Measurement

Nimai Delgado Body Measurement

Nimai Delgado Weight is 220 lbs. His Height in Feet is 5.9.

  • Height – 5’9″ (179 cm)
  • Weight – 220 lbs

If we want to have a well physique body then we need to concentrate on our diet and workout. He follows his diet plan and workout very strictly. Nimai’s purpose is pure to live a healthier life with a vegan diet or he proved to eat he want to eat unprocessed and plant-based foods. He trained hard himself in the gym to become bodybuilder. He wants to tell everybody that you can make a great physique with a vegan diet.

Nimai Delgado Diet

Nimai Delgado Diet

If we think about diet, all our body health depends on what type of diet we prefer to our body, like you need to take care of calories in the diet and many factors like, What should we eat? You must need to know that eating and sleeping is the most important factor in muscle building. Let’s have a look at Nimai Delgado diet.

Protein from plant base then according to Nimai soya is the best option to take protein.

He said that. “contains all of the essential amino acids and is a very quality source of protein.” He continued; “In fact, soy actually has shown to decrease the likelihood of certain types of cancer in men.”

Cutting Diet

Nimai lower down fat percentage when he needs to prepare for the contest. And for this he had six meals with these macros.

  • 35 grams of protein
  • 15 grams of carbs
  • 11 grams of fat

Nimai also says that it’s okay that he eats few grams up or down of the listed macros per meal. One of these meal preparation described below.

  • 1 packet of vegan chicken
  • 1 avocado
  • 2-3 handfuls of spinach (He never counts the exact weight of his veggies. He always prefer to  get as much as possible as they are low in calories, and rich in fiber)
  • 1 medium yellow squash
  • 1 medium zucchini
  • Lemon Juice and Balsamic vinegar for salad dressing

Nimai Delgado’s Favorite Vegan Dish

His favorite dish Avocado on toast.  He used to take it for breakfast that’s high in carb and fats and enough for all-day energy at the beginning of the day.

  • 1 whole  avocado
  • 2 slices of toasted whole-grain bread
  • 2 slices of tomato
  • A dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Oregano

He eats a bunch of calories within a single day. He always takes lean protein in his diet also maintain all macros like carb and fats. He also takes some supplements. It’s all above that Helmut takes to maintain his massive muscle mass.

Nimai Delgado Workout

Nimai Delgado Workout

Before start the workout routine or training routine, make sure you stay hydrated during workouts by drinking water or energy drinks. and Important is to don’t forget to pre-workout warm-up exercising and make sure to cool down by stretching your muscles out, because It helps you to do injury-free workout or exercise.

Nimai’s Arm Workout

He needs to gain his massive muscle, He always applies the rule that lifts heavy weight and gets heavy benefits. He does it with higher numbers of sets and reps.

  • Heavy Barbell curls
  • Seated dumbbell curls
  • Preacher curls
  • Single arm cable curls
  • Tricep pushdowns
  • Close grip bench
  • Skull crushers
  • Cable kick backs

“I do 4 sets of each exercise and my rep ranges are 12/10/10/8 with increasing weight each set.”

Nimai’s Leg Workout

  • 4 sets & 10-8-6-6 reps — Barbell Squats
  • 4 sets & 10-8-6-6 reps — Hack Squats
  • 4 sets & 10-8-6-6 reps — Leg Press
  • 4 sets & 10-8-6-6 reps — Leg Extensions
  • 4 sets & 10-8-6-6 reps — Lying hamstring curls
  • 4 sets & 10-8-6-6 reps — Smith Machine Glute Bridges

Nimai’s Chest Workout

  • 4 sets & 10-15 reps — Heavy incline smith bench press
  • 4 sets & upto failure — Heavy incline hammer press
  • 4 sets & 15-20 reps — High positioned cable flyes
  • 4 sets & 15 reps — Standing land mine presses

Arm Workout

  1. Heavy Barbell curls.
  2. Seated dumbbell curls.
  3. Preacher curls.
  4. Single arm cable curls.
  5. Tricep pushdowns.
  6. Close grip bench.
  7. Skull crushers.
  8. Cable kick backs.

As we see you need to work hard to achieve bodybuilding like Nimai Delgado. So his diet plan and his workout plan and daily routine inspire and motivate us.

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