Eczema : Type | Symptoms | Diagnosis | Prognosis

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What is eczema ?

Eczema is a typical skin issue. The word ‘eczema’ is gotten from Greek word that signifies ‘to bubble over’. The rate and predominance of eczema has expanded in the course of recent decades, for reasons that are not comprehended. The reasonable justification incorporate expanding introduction to allergens (protein substances to which individuals can wind up hypersensitive, for example, house dust vermin and other natural variables and working environment presentation to aggravation synthetic compounds.

In the homes, expanded utilization of cleaning operators, solvents, cleansers, oils and different materials, which are conceivably unsafe to skin, has most likely expanded the rate.

Eczema Types :


Individuals with atopic or ‘allergic’ type may likewise have feed fever or asthma.

Allergic contact :

It is caused because of skin contact with substance to which you are delicate. A similar substance may not cause eczema in an individual who isn’t delicate to it.

Irritant contact :

Skin contact with chafing synthetic compounds, powders, cleaning specialists, and so on causes irritant contact. Contact with these substances can cause  in any individual, however the level of affectability to these can shift in various individuals .

Discoid :

The skin injuries show up as discrete islands of patches on a foundation of typical skin.

Seborrhoeic :

In babies it might happen in the nappy territory and the scalp (support top). In grown-ups, it normally happens on the scalp and in the skin wrinkles between the nose and sides of the mouth. It is caused conceivably because of an expanded affectability to yeast living on the skin.

Symptoms :


Whatever may be the cause, signs and symptoms of different forms of eczema are more or less similar. Common signs and symptoms of eczema include:

  • Itching and redness of affected areas of skin.
  • Dry and flaky skin, with thickening in the areas that have been scratched.
  • Often there may be lumps or blisters in affected areas.
  • Weeping or crusty deposits if the blisters burst, or if scratching damages the skin.

Eczema Treatment :

Proper treatment can control manifestations in a great many people – yet extreme  can be hard to clear totally. Adherence to prescribed treatment typically works- – anyway there is no remedy for eczema.

As a rule it is hard to distinguish and dispose of the single causative operator causing the skin response. Following general proportions of consideration of skin referenced beneath can be useful:

  • Evading skin irritants, (for example, scented cleansers, beautifying agents, clothing cleansers).
  • Keeping skin all around saturated.
  • Abstaining from perspiring and overheating, unexpected changes in temperature and moistness.
  • Scratching
  • Wearing baggy cotton garments and adherence to treatment can control eczema.

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